I'm finally back...

2012-05-25 22:15:07 by Allener

I took a while, but I finally got my self reauthorized and back on rock bottom floor of NG.
Posting art and I'm slowly on how to use flash so lets go.

I'm finally back...


2010-07-02 10:21:04 by Allener

Hello wondering NG user,
If you were here before or just stummbled on the last thing I posted. You'll know of my problem, but for those who have just stummbled on this one I don't plan on addressing it again.
SO.... without further ado. I have more drawings with links:
Combat Vs. Pico
Lucky Vs. Nene
Chico Vs. CCRed Knight


2010-06-28 23:23:54 by Allener

Hello lost, roamming, or friendly NG user.
I've been trying and trying to post some of my art to this site and it just simply hasn't been working. Now if you questioning my efforts and looking right at the art I've already posted to site I welcome you to viewing it, but thats not what Im talking about.
I've been working on an Idea which is all on paper so far. I have some drawing, so... if you are interested click on the link:
Cool Ideas I Have